New York City - Photography Book and New Logo!


My New York City Photography book just released in Europe this past week and people have been sending me tweets to my Twitter and photos on other social networks of the book and it’s so surreal.

This is a nice photo of the book taken by Frank Buttenbender in Germany today:

Every time I see a photo of the book, it takes me a second or two to realize that it’s really my book! I see the cover, I think to myself: “That looks like one of my photographs” and then it hits me. It’s quite amusing actually!

I wanted to take some time to thank everyone. It’s been quite a crazy journey so far and in some ways it is just the beginning. It’s nice to meet so many truly great people along the way who are inspiring in their own way.

Sometimes text doesn’t convey sincerity online but I am sincere when I say that I am super grateful for everyone’s encouragement, inspiring words and messages.

And since I realize that this will all probably seem like gobbledy-gook to people who have no idea of what I am referring to - here is a link to my epic (long) blog post about my book including all sorts of info and answers to commonly asked questions with an updated link to retail locations in the US and UK:

NY Through The Lens: A New York Coffee Table Book


In other exciting news, after 5 years of posting to NY Through The Lens, I finally have an official logo! Here it is:

Almost a year ago, I went to 99 Designs to try to find a designer who could create a logo for my travel photography blog Traveling Lens. I didn’t really know what to expect from that site but a really talented designer ended up creating a logo that I love.

Since then, I have hired her to complete various private projects and she has never once disappointed. I often have (what I think are) super vague ideas in my head and she takes those ideas and creates magic. This is her profile on 99 Designs: Evey81. I highly recommend her!


In other news, I am heading to San Francisco for the rest of the week with a group of highly talented bloggers and photographers. We will be photographing the city (my first time visiting!), meeting the Pinterest team at their headquarters, meeting up with the AirBNB team at their headquarters, as well as hanging out with some of the lovely people at Southwest Airlines. Fun, fun!

Thank you all again for being so awesome and I just may post some San Francisco photography while I am exploring. :)


* All photos in this post can be found in the book, of course.


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